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​"Michelle is by far one of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered.
She is extremely gifted and connected with the angels and “all that is” to a level that far exceeds expectations. Her readings are thorough, concise and complete, including complete patience and love in following up with answers to any questions flowing the reading. She delivers her email readings in such a way as I actually felt I was speaking to her in person. ​
Oh and did I say accurate? ​
My reading with Michelle was extremely beneficial in assisting me along my path, dare I describe it as “actual pieces of the puzzle” coming together to allow me complete understanding as to the experience I was having at that particular time. Kind of like a “jump start” so to speak. Not to mention she is very gifted in guiding with a meditation exercise that I definitely needed at that time and continue to utilize.I see this beautiful angel shining her light high up into the stars for all of human existence to witness for a very long time! I will forever be grateful for meeting her and for her loving assistance." - Dianna S Dunn, CA


​"This whole Psychic Intuitive thing is new to me. I don’t quite understand it, but I have to say that I do believe Michelle was “right on” with her perception.
I was having severe pain in my back and my groin area for several weeks and finally went to the doctor. He wasn’t able to diagnose my problem, or help me at all, and referred me to a specialist. My appointment with the specialist was going to take several weeks and I was getting desperate, so my wife
suggested we find an Intuitive Healer. I didn’t even know what an Intuitive Healer was. However, I was willing to try anything at this point, and the pain was only getting worse by the minute. My wife found Michelle over the internet, and she saw me the same day. I immediately got a good feeling about her.
She was gentle and kind, and explained the process to me so that I wouldn’t be nervous. She pinpointed my issue and explained that I was having the pains because of my financial worries. She was correct. We had just arrived in California and my wife was back in school and wasn’t working, and I was nervous about carrying the entire financial burden. Even though we had made that decision together and I was able to afford our bills on my income alone, I was still obsessing and worrying constantly. To get straight to the point, Michelle told me that if I would stop obsessing about the finances I would see an improvement. Well, I did stop, and I did see an improvement. I actually healed completely. Really! So, when Michelle asked if I would write a testimonial for her website, I had to say yes. It is my pleasure to give her my endorsement and thanks."-Robert C., California, USA

"Michelle is an AMAZING angel message channel/reader! I have got three readings from her, and her readings were never fluff. They were full of very specific messages that made perfect sense to me. She told me things that I had talked with my angels. No one else knew about those things. I had not mentioned it to anyone, and yet she got to know it from them first hand, and passed on the messages to me. It was really astounding, and I felt blessed to have got that kind of confirmation. There is absolutely no doubt that Michelle can hear the angels loud and clear. The messages are, as I said, very specific, no fluff, and give you perfect guidance. I recommend Michelle very highly."-Swati Nigam, San Jose, CA
​"One of the things I valued in my reading from Michelle was that, in addition to tuning into what was happening, she gave me tools with which to work. It's one thing to recognize what is going on and what needs to happen. It's another to provide suggestions in the reading for how you might work with the energies present to bring healing.  This is exactly what Michelle did for me. It brings true value to the reading. Thank you again."--- Eileen, Pittsburgh, PA

"Michelle's Angel reading was to the point, simple, and so very encouraging. I'd been on the fence about moving forward on a project, and without even asking specifically about it, she was able to give me supportive words on it. She even included some unusual guidance about taking care of and washing my feet. This may have been odd, but I had been so wanting some foot attention and not really doing anything about it! I soon got a very good massage after that. Thanks Michelle. I look forward to more readings with you!" -Britt Camille, Oregon

"Dearest Michelle,
Thank you so much for the insightful Reading. There was so much meaningful advice and fitting suggestions: Yes, that is hitting the point, I have to do some clearing work to overcome the feeling of being blocked.  It became so much clearer to me where it is sensible to focus on and it really helped tremendously to shed light on my way to find and follow my Life-Purpose. And thanks for reminding me, that I (we ;-) have so much more power than we are aware of. That really helped to be feel safe on the very adventures task I am heading for just now, it helped to find the needed confidence and I am grateful for that. But most of all I loved, loved, loved that you saw me having that puppy. You are radiating so much light, Michelle you are powerful Lightworker."-Beatrice Burkart, Germany

My association with Michelle D’Souza is not as a client of hers, but rather as a co-mentor. Melanie Runyan, a close friend of mine until her passing in March, 2014 is her other co-mentor. While Melanie has come to Michelle to strengthen her mediumship abilities and give her information and signs, Melanie has chosen to give her the ones that I have easily verified both as correct facts about Melanie, and which have exemplified the personality and teaching style which my friend had in her physical lifetime.


Besides Melanie, Michelle has also brought through information about my deceased father which I have verified as correct. I’ve also had some pleasant surprises in the information Michelle has relayed from my father. For example, to test her abilities recently, I recently asked Michelle to guess an object which I had given to my father when I was a little boy, which he took with him in his Air Force travels. She did not guess the object I had intended her to—but instead, gave me accurate information about a different object which I had made for my father a few years later, a handcrafted, monogrammed leather coin purse which I gave him for Father’s Day when I was 13. And I had forgotten about that gift until Michelle told me! This course of action was in keeping with Melanie’s teachings to her, that it is a waste of energy to give a sitter information they already know, when they can be given better assurances of their loved one’s presence.


Her description of a past life of mine perfectly matched with one which another psychic had given to me two weeks earlier—without me giving Michelle any details of the first reading. And Michelle was able to give me more detailed information than I had from the original reading while continuing to collaborate with all of the facts from that reading.


Michelle is naturally a teacher herself on spiritual matters, and is a Christian as well. In a recent chat with her, she has told of how she has exercised her faith in God to provide her needs. “If God can raise the dead, is it too hard for him to meet your needs?” she asked me. She has helped me formulate a prayer which expresses all that I feel towards God when asking him to provide my needs, all the while acknowledging that the Lord’s will be done.


And she has lovingly handled delicate matters such as death in a caring, sympathetic manner. Two weeks before, she was talking with me about my father when she was shown an open grave—which upset her. There were no details, just the open grave. But by the end of the week, the rest of the meaning was clear. Our dog, Radar, passed away, and I dug his grave on our property. It was enough, and Spirit knew it, that I simply have death pre-eminent in my thoughts to be prepared. A cynic could have said Michelle failed to follow through with the specifics. But she faithfully gave to me what she saw, as the Lord knows what we are equipped to mentally handle at any given moment.


In closing, if you not only want a gifted medium but one with care and compassion who will also enlighten you in an understanding way, and who serves the Lord with all of her heart, I recommend Michelle D’Souza most highly.




Kevin Schoeppel

Author, “The Bible: The Truth about Psychics & Spiritual Gifts”



“Wow! Michelle was amazing!”  She was accurate and radiates a loving, magical, warm and welcoming energy .  Absolutely  “the real deal.”  Her messages are clear, full of  wisdom, compassion, love  and help you with the tools to guide you on your path.  Her messages are uplifting and filled with truth and honesty.  She completely blew me away with the messages I received.  She mentioned things and situations that I only knew about.  Heaven sent indeed!    I truly and sincerely recommend her highly."-Nancy Robles, Chicago, IL

"Michelle is a gifted reader and intuitive. During my session with her, she was able to pick up on the fact that now is the time to put in motion what I truly want to do and I have been telling myself that for the past while, but have been allowing FEAR to hold me back which Michelle was able to tune into, as she stated that I needed to 'go past the fear'. That was spot on for me as this emotion has been my biggest obstacle. I smiled during my reading when she said to hold thoughts of co-creating in my left hand...I am left-handed and do absolutely EVERYTHING with my left hand for manifesting, etc. Wow, Michelle! Interestingly as well, the one crystal that always seems to be forefront with me for many issues is the AMETHYST, and Michelle spoke to me about this very crystal and that I would know what it means..soooo true for me! This reading was so detailed and centered with what I felt in my heart and I am forever grateful for having received it from this amazing woman. Trust and have faith that if you have been guided to Michelle, you will benefit from her service that is so beautifully delivered with wisdom and guidance just for you!
Carpe Diem!"-Mary Theresa, Alberta, Canada

"Neither a skeptic nor a full believer, I found Michelle's reading to be eerily accurate to my current situation. From half a world away, her reading pointed down to the wording of a "new home" a week after I paid deposit on a new house, and I hadn't posted anything online about it. Other factors she referred to in the reading also had relevance. If there is something there, she has it! Happy to recommend her!!!"-Thomas Carty, Ireland

"So far I have had two readings done by Michelle which were both spot on.
After the first reading I wrote her:
“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that was just SOOOOOOO Perfect!!!!
You have no idea how happy you have made me! ……………. And SO what is going on right now! Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!! Thank you ever so much!”
After the second reading I wrote her:
“You are a star! Thank you SO much! Very much what I needed to hear, what I have been pondering about and feeling but not "daring" to believe to be true. So thank you very much for putting it out there. I'll take it.”
Michelle’s energy is very loving and kind, she’ll tell you what you need to hear in a loving way. Having a reading done by her, you will be happy you have done so."-Lisette Anne, Netherlands

"Michelle's readings were both extremely accurate and more than I was expecting! She gives full value and then some, answering the questions in your heart and not just the ones you ask her."--Caryn Connolly, Lindenwold, NJ

"I am very impressed with my reading from Michelle. She was able to pin point the questions I  really wanted answers to without me saying a word! Her reading was like getting advise from a close and loving friend, without judgment, just love and kindness. Her insights helped me realize that I am indeed  on the right path and no matter what continue to move forward fearlessly and positively.  Thank you Michelle, you are a true gift to us all!"-Nadije S., Location Unknown

"Michelle is such a lovely and gifted young woman, her readings are accurate and filled with so much much joy and helpful guidance. Her
energy is just lovely and light and I feel blessed I received two readings from her."- Anna, Location Unknown

"Michelle is highly intuitive.With great accuracy she utilizes her gifts to determine the oracle cards best suited to the reading. Michelle is very connected to the angelic realm, delivering their uplifting messages for your highest good.Her positive energy and inner joy is palpable."
I am keeping you in my prayers and bless this new adventure on your life path. Asking for all the support you need from Archangels, Ascended Masters and Blessed Mother Mary 
Love, light and angel blessings"-Beverly Hagen, Alberta, Canada

"Michelle is very intuitive and skillful in what she does. Her reading is amazingly accurate and informative as well. It is such a joy to read all the messages that came through her. I thank you again for the reading." 
-Yumi Karlsson, Stenungsund, Sweden

"Michelle is a wise soul and her energy is beautiful and light warming. I had a reading from Michelle and it was incredible, I felt as I was healing and transforming as I was reading her uplifting and positive message. It was very profound and covered every part that needed to be addressed.  She has a wonderful gift and I am so glad that the universe is sharing her with us."-Silvia Wu, San Francisco, CA

"Michelle has the most amazing energy!  She truly is in contact with the Angelic Realm!  Her Angel Messages are uplifting, loving and filled with that "Divine Energy" that only someone with a real gift can deliver.  At the same time, her advice is so practical and relevant, that it will make you smile with recognition and joy in the knowledge that "you can do it!" with the help of your Angels.  When she read for me, I told her that she and her beautiful Angelic Wisdom were an "unstoppable" force in this world.  I truly believe that.  Let this young woman bless you with her wisdom and Angelic energy and joy!"  -- Laurie, Nashville, TN

"Michelle did a reading on my love life. I can't stress how insightful and spot-on her reading was. In it, she gave me a time-line for expected events that were due to happen and desired transitions that I needed to make if I wanted to attract love into my life. Her advice is was practical and truly grounded and she put it across in a simple, incisive manner.
I would definitely sign up with her for future readings.
Thanks Michelle."--Usha, Singapore

"Michelle is a gifted and accurate reader/intuit .  She described my family  in great detail, without me saying anything, and Michelle helped me understand the dynamic relationship at play between us all.    Her advice was gentle while also being direct and to the point.   She relayed important messages that I needed to hear to be able to move forward with my life.  Thank you Michelle, you are a beacon of light and a gifted messenger!"--Shelley Friedkin, Berkeley, CA

"Michelle has a lot to offer those on their spiritual path, especially in times of self-doubt.  As a healer, I also questioned my path and her readings helped to validate what I already felt follow the path for the greater good.  I am so grateful and blessed to have had the chance to meet her.  Visiting all the way from Thailand...all I can say is the angels guided me to her at the Angel Light Bookstore in Oakland!  Thank you!!"--Katherina Leili Dreith, Thailand

Michelle is an extremely empathic, compassionate and intuitive individual. She also has wisdom beyond her young years. I went to her because my cat was diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to find out from Michelle how much time he had left, and if he was suffering. Although she didn’t feel that he had
much time left on this earth, it was helpful to hear it straight. She was able to shed some light on why he came to me as my little cat baby as well, and helped me understand that he chose me because of my ability to take care of him, as well as what I was learning from him in the process. Michelle had the ability to connect with him and discover that I was choking him when I was giving him his daily medicine. She was correct. I hadn’t told her anything about him making those choking noises, or that I was even giving him medicine. Once I realized that I was forcing his medicine down his throat too quickly with the
syringe, I repositioned the angle of the syringe in his mouth, and softened the flow of the medicine, and he stopped choking. He’s much happier when I give him his medicine now. Although I came to Michelle about my cat, she could also sense that I was deeply bothered by something. She shed some light on some issues that I was dealing with, and actually brought me to tears because of her accuracy. She gave me some practical and solid advice which made very much sense to me, so I chose to follow her advice. I have changed my outlook and perspective on some issues because of that session with Michelle, and I am happy to say that I am a much happier person now. I’m not trying to say that all my problems disappeared, but she did help me to have a healthier and more positive outlook. I am sure that anyone who comes into contact with Michelle will love her and get some benefit from wisdom and compassion. She is also a very accurate intuitive. Much Love, Kat P., California
I woke up in the middle of the night after an intense dream, and the only thing I could think of was telling Michelle all about it, which is unusual because while we have been acquaintances for many years, we don’t talk that often. In the midst of my slumber, something was telling me that I really needed to tell her about the dream. I did, and she so very kindly took time out of her day to Skype with me immediately. And oh boy, what a session that was! I didn’t tell her a word aside from details about my dream, but she instantly knew about my fears and insecurities, and about things that had been bothering me. I felt so much love and light from her. Her energy is so uplifting and contagious, and you can’t help but feel positively touched by her vibes. She brought to the surface a lot of issues that I had been repressing. In doing so, she gave me the courage to acknowledge them and face them head on. After the session, I felt like I could let go of a lot of my fears, and like I was ready to let more love in. I feel like I am now equipped for deeper spiritual growth. I am more drawn to working on my spiritual wellbeing and it is calling out to me. When I am faced with emotional triggers, I am able to recognise and acknowledge them, and I am able to let them go, simply because Michelle addressed them and taught me how to identify them. My feelings were validated and I felt supported. I’ve gained deeper insight into myself. It’s like Michelle held a mirror up to me and gave me so much clarity on my current situation. There was no judgment, just love. She was so embracing and empathetic. Even though some things were hard to hear, there was absolutely no negativity from Michelle, which I really appreciated. After the session, I felt like my only job right now is to love myself and heal myself, and that is such a valuable feeling! Thank you, Michelle, for being with me through this, and for reminding me to give myself love, and to send out the same love that you showed me!-T.S, Dubai
Meet - is the Angel! This girl is really the Angel ... She can tell many things about you or about the situation, answer any questions, as she communicates directly with your spirit guides ... Try - you will not regret;)
Знакомьтесь - это Ангел! Эта девушка действительно Ангел ... Она может рассказать многое о вас или о ситуации, ответить на любые вопросы, так как она напрямую общается с вашими духовными наставниками ... Попробуйте - не пожалеете ;)
-S.K, Russia
"I first met Michelle during my stay in Anjuna last winter.  I had been recommended by several people to have a session with her, I had never been to a clairvoyant before but I felt particularly drawn to see Michelle.  I had no idea what to expect.  
From my first session I just loved Michelle,  her work and her approach. I instantly felt comfortable and at ease, Michelle holds the space firmly yet openly and lightens it up and eases you with a giggle and that big loving heart of hers. 
From my experience Michelle reflects what your sprit really wants - what you know you need, what you find difficult to look at and accept so you can move past it and grow. Michelle facilitates the flowing of the messages we need to hear and accept- whether joyful or sometimes painful- in an open,non judgmental, non-invasive way encouraging you to take back your power and to deal with and accept things with courage and with love. I think how Michelle heals and works with you is something very special - it can be vulnerable work but you just feel that there is nothing but trust and love and no expectations just what is best.
I feel very grateful to have crossed paths with Michelle and to have the guidance and support I have had over the past months and the growth and space it has given me . A great blessing! Thank you dear Michelle, keep healing and growing and being your wonderful self."-Clair Carter, Ireland,

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