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Angel/ Spirit Email Readings (General and Specific)

I get to communicate with my best friends, the Angels to bring you information regarding the situation at hand. I write out all the messages that I receive as it comes in so that you have a written record of all that I see. I will also respond to an email after if you have any further questions or feedback about the reading.


Angel/Spirit Readings (General and Specific)
$101/1 hour

Experience all the messages I get with me. The Angels and I enjoy your company! Sit back, relax and make yourself comfortable. You'll always find the Angels' advice just right for whatever you're going through. We're here to help!

Email Chakra Readings

Chakra readings are one of my favorite readings as they tell me so much about a person! I work with my angels to let you know all that your Chakras enjoy and want to change (yep, they talk to me as well). Expect this reading to be extremely insightful and in-depth. I will also respond to an email with feedback and further questions, if any.

Skype Chakra Readings
$115/1 hour

Enjoy having a dialogue with your body. It's been waiting to talk to you like a best friend! During the Skype readings, I will help you view old ideas, beliefs and memories that you have of yourself (or others have of you) so that you can experience enlightening positive changes. 

Email/ Skype Mediumship

I bring in the information that I get from a dear Deceased Loved One with the angels by my side. We're here to help!
Email/Skype Soul Contract Reading


Many contracts were made between you and the people in your life prior to your birth. These contracts allowed for you to develop during this lifetime. Understanding these contracts help you understand what your lessons are and how to move forward with the knowledge you have received.

Email/Skype Past Life Readings 

We look at a past life that is currently affecting your present life. You'll recognize it by similarities in situations or personalities that you're currently dealing with. I'll bring in guidance that assists in your growth while clearing away anything that previously held you back.
Skype Returning Yogis and Yoginis

So you've met me in Goa, India and got a reading or a chakra clearing and really miss me now that you're away from Goa! Well, I missed you too. This one is my special thank you for coming over and recommending me to all your friends. I can't guarantee this one will last long, so get it while you can.

Note: All readings are based on your energies on the day of our session.

I do not diagnose, but will make suggestions for a whole, healthy physical journey based on what the angels

provide. I am not responsible for decisions you make of your own free will following our session together.

You are in control of your own destiny.

You will be charged a second time for the time spent after an hour. This is because the PayPal button was made only for the first hour.

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