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My Story


My name is Michelle D’Souza and I talk to Angels. To be honest, I didn’t really start off that way.

I had a pretty normal childhood aside from the miracles that I witnessed. My Mother was an amazing dreamer who communicated with deceased people (her Mother, especially) and would bring back information that was pertinent to her life.


Similarly, my Grandmother also saw the deceased but it frightened her a bit. My Great Grandmother before her could see deceased people as well but would be fine enough to ask them for lottery numbers. It never quite worked out the way she'd have liked it to, though.

My Mother was also quite interested in the supernatural. She was constantly telling me stories that would have sounded scary, if I hadn't been so used to them.  I remember one of my favorite childhood movies (long before ratings kicked in) being ‘The Poltergeist’.

Being Catholic, I worked especially with Saint Anthony. I don’t quite remember how I discovered him but I can tell you that he’s really effective. I’ve lost track of the number of things that he’s found for me. I was also quite fond of Saint/Archangel Michael. In church, I was very careful to kiss his feet (as is the custom) lest I accidentally kiss the snake he was depicted as slaying instead.

I had a few childhood experiences but nothing too great to mention. I have been able to find lost things with Saint Anthony guiding my eyes, have been able to predict my grades and was quite aware that different kinds of energy could manifest physically. I had learned quite early on, that prayer was an extremely powerful tool to heal oneself with.

My Mother passed on while I was in college. I had received a prophetic dream before she passed. I also felt her presence many times after. As much as I tried, it was hard to keep faith when I felt like the best thing that ever happened to me (aside from my Father) was taken away from me.


I had moved to another country but was still inconsolable. I had also begun to have nightmares of a man standing in my room, even the shadows would look the same when I woke up. It was always three in the morning.

I suddenly found myself having my first reading with an amazing Medium, Tania Thomas ( -- Check her out, she's brilliant!) just before I graduated. She was well aware of information that I had not expressed to anyone or anything. She also informed me of Spirit Guides such as the man who kept standing over my bed and scaring the dickens out of me. I was impressed by her accuracy and admired her abilities.

I soon found myself in a situations where my sensitivities heightened tremendously. Energy in the room would shift, I would start to have different instincts about different people and I could suddenly hear voices even when I was alone. I started paying a lot of attention to how my body felt. Earlier, I was just called ‘too sensitive’.

Another psychic told me that I knew Angels. I did like her but that didn’t stop me from thinking that she was nuts. Sometimes, information is hard to accept. “You know them. You just don’t remember.” She advised me to buy a book on Angels and I did so for the heck of it. After I received it in the mail, I opened it and felt a sense of fear for one of the Angels. I wondered why a mere picture of an angel named Zadkiel made me feel so strongly.

“He’s not scary…” she later advised me. “….He’s just powerful.” I was a little shaken, but I put it aside. Being fresh out of college, I had a job to look for.

As I worked for companies, I found myself looking through Metaphysics books as a past time.


“ See? This is Jade.” In a dream, my Mom had specifically pointed Jade out to me. The amazing medium, Tania quickly told me not to discount information from my dreams. After my new friend Dee offered to accompany me, I found myself in a Metaphysics store called 'Angel Light Bookstore'. I touched Jade and my stomach felt like it had been opened up. I stared at the stone. A stone made me feel that way? I bought it immediately.

Through a series of ‘coincidences’, we suddenly found a tremendous number of books and stones at the store that had our interest. This was accompanied by tons of visual light shows and ringing in the ears. Suddenly, we had a wonderful mentor that was teaching us that it was okay to experience what we were experiencing.

I would constantly eye a deck of cards that I had seen in the shop. It was Doreen Virtue’s 'Saints and Angels' Deck. I’d put it back soon after picking it up. I had previously bought a Tarot Deck but the pictures were a little gory, to say the least. My roommate also took offense to my allowing anything into the house that communicated with what she believed to be demons. I had thrown the Tarot deck out.

Dee gave me permission to buy it. “You keep looking at it and putting it back. Just get it already!” I found that I hated shuffling for card games but I couldn’t put these down! It was accompanied by more ringing in my ears. I wasn’t sure what to do.

To be quite honest, I knew Raphael better as an artist or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Suddenly, he and the other angels were making themselves well known. I started to like healing work (I now absolutely love it). I had read a book that talked about prayer being able to heal physical ailments. I respected the author’s beliefs but didn’t completely agree with it. Until that is, I tried it out for myself. I started to pay especially more attention after I had seen what looked like an absence of energy on a person that physically manifested into a lump. I could tell the shape and the area that it was in accurately without information. I started to pour over energy healing work.

The amount that I was learning was tremendous. I couldn’t help but love all that I was doing. I wished that I worked at the bookstore so that I could read all day. A trip to Doreen Virtue’s site sent me to her classes. I glanced at the amount for the course, thought of my rent and put it away.

My mentor brought it up the next day. Tania brought it up soon after. By then, I had already made up my mind. I wanted to do it. Dee figured out the finances and off we went to learn about being an ATP (for me) and Spiral Dance (for Dee).

I started to affirm that I was already an ATP well before I was. I even bought myself Louise Hay’s ‘Heal Your Life’ as a graduation present before I even enrolled.

After the course, I was in a bit of a predicament. I really wanted to read but my friends didn’t take me too seriously. I mentioned it to Valencia, the bookstore owner whose metaphysics store I frequented for all my items. She suggested I read at the store.

(Check out the prettiest little Berkeley bookstore where I got my start at

“Complete strangers?!” I thought. Well, why the heck not? I ended up starting a day earlier than I was supposed to and loved every moment of it. I found myself defying all stereotypes and watching as people transformed from worried about their lives to feeling well taken care of.

As for me, I finally had the boss and co-worker that I wanted to work with all along. I got to roam around the bookstore, light lovely candles and even play with dogs. I was there to see people transform so much that I didn’t even recognize them the next time they came in. Dee was convinced that my angels were sprinkling quite a lot of Angel Dust.
I loved feeling that element of joy. I gained experience and got to learn of my God given abilities in person. I am forever grateful for these experiences.

I had to leave for India where my Dad is currently based around November 2012. There have been times when I have feared criticism from my friends but nothing beats learning to no longer require approval from anyone but your own self. Coming out of the Spiritual Closet has been quite a journey.

I am still grateful that my journey still continues. I get to learn new energies and techniques daily. I also get to work with all my best friends. I couldn't have asked for anything better than this. 

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