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Mini Readings


These shorter readings look to serve by sending you loving messages for those tiny, little questions you'd love the angels to answer. Additionally, you can ask two questions in response to your mini reading. 


*At present, all mini readings are in the email format.


Mini Chakra Reading:                                                      



All chakras are connected but this mini reading focuses on the one chakra that would most love your attention, its physical implications and guidance on how to improve all round health through its growth. 







Mini Angel Reading:                                                        



This mini reading provides gentle guidance from an Archangel of your choosing or your guardian angels. It includes one to two cards (if desired) and a short clearing prayer to move forward (if desired).







Mini Crystal and Flower Reading:                                      



This is my special mini gift where I receive guidance from flowers and crystals. They are usually from my own garden or my own crystal collection. I describe the crystals and flowers used and relay the messages to you.







Mini Angel Healing:                                                                      



This is best used for the days when you need a cleanse from the energy that's been bogging you down lately. I'll respond after healing with what was done and what to do to keep your beautiful body clean.









Note: All mini readings and healings are based on your energies on the day of our session.

I do not diagnose, but will make suggestions for a whole, healthy physical journey based on what the angels

provide. I am not responsible for decisions you make of your own free will following our session together.

You are in control of your own destiny.


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