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From the forthcoming book, "Melanie: A Christian Medium's Life and her Gifts of Spirit" by Kevin Schoeppel and Michelle D'Souza

A candid and heartwarming author, Melanie Runyan explains her own life as a Christian medium right from the very first hint of her gift to the decision to serve the Lord through her undeniable abilities.


In keeping with her purpose of helping the younger generation of mediums, this book also explains how she reaches out to Michelle D'Souza who as a result of past experiences does not enjoy mediumship at first. She begins to aide Michelle out of her shell while equally encouraging her friend, Kevin Schoeppel to continue on with his purpose of being a teacher-And she does it all in Spirit.

Melanie on her Spiritual Expericnces.

I have never thought that these things that I see, hear, and feel was me doing it, but rather that I was the messenger of a message intended for someone. I used to describe it when I was small as a TV screen that would just come down in front of me, and I could see the person’s pictures or messages. 


Yes, I was born with it, and was also lucky enough to have been raised by my grandmother who had some of this ability in her. She taught me that it was not evil, and she refused to have me believe that it was evil. She would help me learn that I was of God and to not to be defensive towards my gifts—as she had felt that had she not been stifled, she could have helped people and lead them to the Lord. I was raised in the Episcopal Church, but to the Lord, not any one religion. My grandmother warned to never join any of the armed forces—Army, Navy, etc.—because they would just love to get hold of someone with a mind like mine. That frightened me so much that I would not even date a guy in a uniform!


Through my friendship with Kevin, I have begun to relax with my abilities and through his Biblical teachings (of which Grandma knew some, but no way the amount that he does) I am going forward and learning, and growing with my gifts of spirit. His reward, in return, would be to witness the Lord’s work through me. Through me, not of me.


I did have a visit from my grandmother today—the second one since her death.  I can say for certain that it was her. I was talking to my brother today about a meditation technique I was trying out and I told him that I was smelling something. It developed into the smell of Pond’s Cold Cream, which my grandmother would put on every night. It has a very distinct odor, so I knew it was her and told my brother this. I was thrilled, and thanked her for the visit. It is exciting for me to think I had to wait some 34 years to finally be able to have confirmation that she is around me. Mediums want confirmation also! We are not going to just be totally trusting of every thought and action just like the sitter we read for. 


I had been buying book after book after book, trying to find anything or anyone who could help me to understand why I was seeing spirits, or to understand the things that had happened throughout my life. I was born with my gift, but I did take classes with Robert Ireland—mostly to understand and how to control it. I mean no one just gets into a car and drives without being taught somewhere along the line as to what to do in the car, right? While most mediums just accept that they are gifted, I wanted to know the “whys” about it—and, even though I might not have gotten all my answers, I learned much and improved my abilities.

Even though I have had my share of misery in my life, the God I believe in is a kind God and all knowing...and if seeing and knowing or even being a medium is a gift, it also is guided by God. And when he knows that someone is frightened by me, my gift shuts down and turns off. I told my manicurist that I would not be able to see anything for her anymore, because of the fact that I frighten her. God loves her just as much as he does me, and knows I would never frighten anyone purposely.


Does everyone think that I walk around with this “light bulb of knowledge about their lives”?Like I have the “inside scoop” of everyone else? Or, like I have a “secret key” and just look at them, and turn it on, and poof!—their whole life is laid out in front of me? Sheesh...and people wonder why I shut down sometimes? Why is it I am not allowed to be a human being? And why is it I have to keep reminding people it is a gift from God? Is a painter always able to paint a terrific picture every time they pick up a brush? I am telling you right here and now, that the little petty things that most people fight about has no true meaning, and most people are basing their lives around one thing: MONEY. This is what I see in most people: “You got any? Do you have more than me? Is your house bigger than mine?? Are you rich enough to just roll over and hand me a few thousand?” They are not praying for the sick in hospice, or a newborn whose lungs are not developed. They are not turning themselves to the Lord for guidance—they are turning towards Chase Bank, or Wells Fargo.


I am angry that some of the girls I have been reading for have taken it upon themselves to think that the readings are ALL KNOWING AND DEFINED IN BLOOD. A reading is not. It is what I see at that moment, and if they choose to go down the path that I see, then that is up to them. One girl that I read for is thinking of moving to L.A. with some guy she met. I almost screamed at her, "why would you move to a house where you know that they are using coke and meth? And you know that they are!” Robert Ireland taught me that if he read for someone, and warned them to be very careful at stop signs on dirt roads because he saw a possible green truck hitting that person’s car, and in a week or so that person is following the advice, and lo and behold, there is a dirt road, and a green truck goes flying by and doesn’t hit that persons car, they take it upon themselves to say the reading was all wrong because the green truck did not hit them after all.

I awoke to see someone—or something—standing at that door to my room which led to the outside. I recognized it immediately as the figure of Bruce. I cannot say that it was a solid form that made me think that he really was there, but I could see the shape and outline of him standing there—and I could feel him smiling at me. In the wreck, I was told that Bruce was badly mangled, and so this was the first time I realized that death does not mean a person has to stay in an “un-whole” form. I did not know if he had lost his legs or whatever, but I could see that he was standing tall and full of joy.


I would like to have been able to say that I saw him surrounded by a golden light, and that I could hear angels singing, but in truth it was just him alone, and only the light from the outside stars of the night. The vision of Bruce lasted only until I could totally realize it was him. I could see his face and he was wearing his favorite jeans—the ones with the American stars and stripes added at the bottom of his bell bottoms. But no, he was still not what I could say was a solid form. Once I clearly knew it was him and knew that he was at peace, he faded away. No memorable, romantic moments such as Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore had in the movie “Ghost”. Just that assurance of peace. And now, since I knew that he was the one who was already in heaven and not his younger brother, this allowed me to concentrate all my energy and prayers towards his brother Paul.

Michelle on her Spiritual Experience with Kevin & Melanie & Spirit. 

Once, I tried to describe this weird mouth thing Melanie did. It seemed like she kept touching the roof of her mouth with her tongue. I had no idea how to translate what I was seeing. “’s like she ate lots of peanut butter.”


Yep, that was the best I could come up with.


I was kicking myself as Kevin informed me that Melanie had no speech impediment of any sort. In fact, like me, she talked nonstop. But I still kept seeing it as I received messages from her.


In another episode, I tried to read for Kevin and in order to calm my nerves decided to make hot chocolate. I hurriedly pried the lid off only to have chocolate powder everywhere but the cup it was supposed to be in. It found its way in my hair, on my clothes, on the floor, on the kitchen counter. I was so grateful that my job didn’t require business attire on a regular basis.


I spent time as I was mopping the floor, reflecting upon why I felt the need to be validated so greatly.  I realized that though I trusted my messages, I wanted people to see that they were psychic information. I was pushing myself too hard. I would talk myself down saying “Perhaps I saw a picture in passing. Perhaps I guessed that information. I mean it seems like anyone could figure that out, duh Michelle!”


I could see the Spirit World slapping their foreheads. I made a decision right there to validate myself first before I attempted to prove it to anyone else again. “Okay, Melanie....Okay, Spirit World, help me to validate myself. And make sure I never look back.” I said out loud as I continued cleaning the kitchen.


As my phone finally loaded the picture of Kevin’s Father, I learned something very quickly. It was the very same person that I was seeing. My jaw dropped. For whatever reason, I had earlier never thought to describe the physical features of the person as I thought their messages more important. In the age of Facebook, it sometimes felt unnecessary as well. But here I was, looking at a man that I had clearly been seeing next to Kevin. His Dad.


This time, my brain had no way around it. I had never ever seen a picture of Kevin’s Dad before my reading. It actually pulled the sceptic out of the psychic. I had nothing to prove to anyone, not even myself.




Kevin supplied me with pictures and went on to send me more. He shared pictures of Melanie with his beautiful wife,  Stanna.  There was a picture of Stanna having a conversation with Melanie with a gorgeous kitchen behind it. It was only when I was done admiring the kitchen (go figure) that I thought to look at Melanie’s face.  Again, my jaw dropped.


“THAT’S her peanut butter face!!”


I felt like I could finally point it all to Kevin. My words had failed me but Melanie and the Spirit World found a way to explain my doubts away. The Spirit World proved itself to my biggest critic...





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