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Hello and Welcome,
I'm Michelle D'Souza and I'm a Reader. Others call me a
Psychic, Intuitive, Sensitive, Channeler and a Medium. 
In short, I relay messages from the Spirit World to my clients regarding work, life purpose, love and pretty much everything else.

I love my job! I get to be who I am for a living. It also has variety as it ranges from channeling Angel messages to looking at Chakras, Auras, Symbols to helping pets.


I read with both my eyes open and closed, on Skype/Whatsapp, over email and in person. I usually ask for a full name to start the reading. And cards are optional.


My purpose is to show you that you are loved and looked after, even when you think you're alone. It is extremely important to me that you feel completely safe and not judged. 


My clients really mean the world to me. I appreciate their trust, feel their concerns and love who they are. I give everyone my best. For example, my email readings also include an email response to clear up any questions you may have about the message I receive.


Please know that whatever it may seem, I do understand and have probably been there. Like you, I get scared, hurt, make mistakes...the works. Having a gift doesn't make you any less human but it sometimes helps you see the world differently. Allow me to help you with my gift. You are safe to be everything you are around me.


Aside from intuitive work, I read books, talk everyone's head off, have a real love for popcorn and enjoy Sci-Fi or Horror movies (I don't get scared for obvious reasons). I love dogs and learning more about energy work. I write in my spare time and take an odd interest in Accounting, History and Art.

If you would like to book an appointment with my talking Angels and I, contact me at

While the scheduler below works great, I understand that the time slots might not suit you based on time zone issues. Get in touch with me still, ask and you shall receive.


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